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Tuesday, 20 February 2024 10:12

Congratulations to Breya

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สุดยอด ลูกสาว P6 Breya Tanasinee Buppha
กับการสอบ คณิตศาสตร์ จากหลายรายการ
Hong Kong International Matical Olympiad
“ Gold Award”
Asmopss Thailand
“Gold Medalist “ Mathematics Primary
World International Mathematical Olympiad Final
“Silver Award” Malaysia
Tuesday, 20 February 2024 10:11

Congratulations to our talented students!

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Celebrating the triumphs of our students at the Bangkok KPND Taekwondo Championship! 🥋❤️
Kyorugi (Sparring)
Winter (N2)
Yahva (P1)
Yahvin (K1),
Tonboon (P3)
Putter (P3)
Poomsae (Patttern)
Silver Pair
Tonboon (P3)
Putter (P3)
Congratulations to our talented students!🏅🌟
Tuesday, 20 February 2024 10:08

The Grand Stage Thailand

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One of our P3 students, Riryu was selected to perform at BACC Bangkok organized by Churairat Music on October 31, 2023.
Riryu was selected through an invited audition based on his performance in music this year and we are proud that he made it to the live performance.
Riryu 1Riryu 2Riryu 3
Tuesday, 20 February 2024 08:15

Congratulations to Neo

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Congratulations to Neo with GOLD MEDAL prize on Taekwondo competition (Kyorugi) in Bravo BKK Taekwondo championship 2023 by Thannam at Show DC on 28 October 2023

Neo1 Neo2


Sunday, 18 February 2024 06:55

Education Development Trust (EDT)

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Celebrating a momentous visit by Bill, our distinguished advisor assigned by Education Development Trust (EDT), who not only toured our school but also engaged in meaningful discussions with our students at Dragon International School.